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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Enjoying Sunshine

While most of us prefer to keep cool in the hot weather, some would rather enjoy the heat. The cold blooded lizards, for example, always appreciate a bit of sunshine.

The Changeable Lizard (Oriental Garden Lizard) is often seen sunning itself on tree branches

or  in open fields.

As reflected in its name, the colour of its skin changes from time to time. Normally they look a bit dull.  

During breeding season the male’s head and shoulders turn bright orange and his throat black.

However, sometimes the temptation to sunbathe can be irresistible,  as it was for this Grass Lizard basking in the middle of a road.  


Russell Jenkins said...

Wow! Great lizard shots. That Changeable Lizard looks a happy fellow. Love the second photo of him.

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

Great lizard shots. Sometimes they seem to cooperate more so than birds when it comes to having their picture taken.

Anouk van der Zee said...

Wonderful images of these lizards!

Unknown said...

Great close up images.

Nature Rambles said...

Loved going through these amazing images!

Chris said...

Nice you are enjoying the sun for some while.... If you get too much sun you can send some ove rhere! ;-)
Beautiful set of pictures and lizard you got ;-)

Wout said...

What a spectacular series, really beautiful.
Sorry for your dogfriend Feizai.
A lot of strength, Wout