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Monday, 29 October 2012

Last of the Summer Insects

The weather is cooling and the insects are disappearing fast.  They may be more difficult to find now but it doesn’t mean that they are less interesting.

I find these tiny mantises very entertaining. 

Actually they are nymphs of Praying Mantis and may have just hatched as I later saw this egg containing capsule (or Ootheca which can contain up to 400 eggs) nearby. 

This small one is a nymph of another species

(Spilomantis occipitalis).

Since the mantises do not have any chemical protection on their body,  they have to use camouflage to avoid being preyed on. These young Jeweled Flower Mantises blend in so well with the plant leaves that I almost missed them on several occasions. 

The adult is prettier but is not easy to spot either. 

Grasshoppers, however, are plentiful at the moment,

much to this Golden Orb-Web Spider’s delight.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Birds in the Garden---Regular Visitors

The Red Whiskered Bulbuls are not the only birds that enjoy being around my garden. 

  Like the bulbuls, a pair of Blue Magpies (Red-billed Magpie) have been around for a while too. Their favourite food is the papayas in the garden. 

The young Common Magpies, however, are often seen looking for leftovers on the ground. 


The Blue Whistling Thrush family occasionally comes looking for insects as well as fruit.

But it is always the food dispenser that sees the most activity.

Unlike the Red-whiskered Bulbuls, the Chinese Bulbuls are very cautious birds and often sit on the nearby pomelo tree observing. 

The Red-whiskered bulbul family is quite happy sharing food with other birds.
Spotted Dove on the left

Black-collared Starling on the right

True to their reputation, the Starlings, on the other hand, are not only noisy but also bullies.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Birds In The Garden---- A Little Bully

It has been a successful breeding year for my bird neighbours----a pair of Red Whiskered Bulbul.

The couple have successfully raised four chicks this year. The juveniles are growing very fast and getting more and more handsome by the day.

Recently, I have started putting out their favourite food and the whole family seem to be happy settling in the garden. 

Watching them feeding is one of my favourite past times. The youngsters are particularly interesting to watch. The one on the right is a little bully and always tries to have the feeder to itself. 

If its brothers/sisters refuse to leave, it can become very aggressive.

Sometimes, it is even hostile to the parents, usually without success.  

Occasionally, however, even the parents have to give up to its bullying.