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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Migratory Birds Are Arriving

The cold weather in Northern China is bringing many migratory birds to Hong Kong. We are seeing more and more bird visitors in the recent weeks.

After a long journey, most of them look extremely tired.  

Tall: Black-Winged Stilt; Medium: Common Greenshank; Small:Nordmann’s Greenshank

Black-Tailed Godwit

Hopefully these birds can have a well deserved rest in Hong Kong before setting off for their winter destinations.


Joe Beale said...

These are very nice images, especially the Nordmann's Greenshanks, a species I have never seen. I might be going to Hong Kong next year, will ask your advice on some good places to visit!

john said...

I had no idea that Nordmann's Greenshank was so much smaller than Common Greenshank. I looked for them in Southern Thailand, but missed them. Something to look forward to if I make it back to that part of the world.

Cristina Ferreira said...

Lindas fotos, gosto dos pássaros voando.
Um abraço

Joan Ramon Noguer said...

Felicitats pel magnífic blog que tens i pels fantàstics treballs que ens presentes i comparteixes. Una cordial salutació des d'Olot.

Jeremy Pearse said...

Sorry to say that the smaller birds are actually Marsh Sandpipers. Nordmann's Greenshank (rare in Hong Kong) are about the same size as Common Greenshank but differ slightly in shape and structure. Dave Bakewell et al has done a very good paper on identifying this species - see past HKBWS reports. Viney/Phillips Birds of Hong Kong also mentions the differences and is a reasonable reference to carry.

Friend of HK said...

Thanks for the correction, Jeremy. I think you are right that the small birds in the first two photos are indeed Marsh Sandpipers. But I am not sure about the ones in the 4th picture though. They look more like Nordmann's Greenshank to me?