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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Black-collared Starling

   The natural habitat of the Black-collared Starling is subtropical and tropical dry forests. It is mainly found in South Asia and it is a resident bird in Hong Kong.

    The Black-collared Starling is slightly bigger than the Common Starling at about 28cm long.

 Like the Common Starlings, the Black-collared Starlings are noisy birds and can usually be heard before being seen. But they are not as good as the Common Starlings in mimicking sounds. The distinctive  black “scarf”  makes them very easy to identify. 

 They are often found in open land in the countryside as well as urban parks looking for berries, insects and worms.


Giga said...

Ptak ma ciekawe ubarwienie , a urody mu dodają żółta barwa koło oczu.Bardzo ładne zdjęcia z podglądanie ptaka. Pozdrawiam

Sam and Lisa said...

Fantastic bird,and great images.

Chris said...

A magnificent bird for sure, and it reminds me of vulture (the shape of the head)... Beautiful collection!

José Miguel Grande Gutierrez said...

enhorabuena acabo de añadir tu blog en mi lista de amigos te seguire me parece muy interesante siento no poder hablar en ingles.
saludos desde Navarra España.

siga said...

Never seen this one. I love his eye, the yellow drags attention to it ;) And that makes me wonder, if it's a male?

Alan Pavey said...

A lovely study of the bird as ever and quite a striking one at that :-)

borneoavifauna said...

We have one pair of Black-collared starling in Kota Kinabalu right now but very difficult to take good picture as the bird is not so friendly.