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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Amazing giant Golden Orb-web Spiders

  In addition to the caterpillars and insects, spiders are also common summer residents  in Hong Kong.  The most amazing spider to me is the giant Golden Orb-web Spider which is famous for its ability to weave huge webs. 

Its name refers to the colour of the spider silk, not the colour of the spider itself.

The yellow threads of their web shine like gold in sunlight.

The contrast of black and yellow colours of the body is to warn and repel potential predators. 

The Golden Orb-web Spiders eat a variety of preys from small beetles, bees, 


to cicadas and even small birds. 

    In spite of its size and scary appearance, the venom of the Golden Orb-web Spider is not lethal to humans, though the bite may cause local pain that normally disappears within 24 hours.



Grossartige Fotoserie! Vielen Dank!

Viele Grüsse aus der Schweiz


John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

Amazing. Even small birds? wow!

Tammy said...

That is some spider! He may not be deadly, but I still think I'll keep my distance ;)

jeanlivingsimple said...

This is a very interesting spider!

Marty said...

stunning shots of that spider !

Joop Zand said...

Great shots....very well done.

greetings, Joop

Phil Slade said...

Great shots of the spider. They don't scare me but I can see why they might scare others people. I would like to meet one but not much chance in the UK.

Eko said...

Handsome large 'spider'.
Weaves a large network.
Our 'Spiders' are parallel to the dwarves. Quite a beast.
The butterfly seems to also be tasty.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Welcome back.
The translator is not always able to translate the dialect of Finland.
"Pictures can understand it ...!"
Greeting Eco ...