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Sunday, 21 November 2010

A visit to the Macaque Kingdom---Mummies and Babies

  The Macaque Kingdom is on a slope of a high hill and has been a tourist attraction for a number of years. It all started when several monkeys were released by pet owners in the 1920s. In addition to the abundant forest and flora, there is also a reservoir nearby. The rich food and water resources have provided ideal habitats for the monkeys. No wonder their population has soared to close to 2000 today.
 Before you even get to the “Monkey Hill’, you can see them wondering around the road everywhere. 

  Surprisingly, many of the adults are carrying small babies.  Some mums are very protective of their babies, 

Others are quite relaxed. 

The babies are very cute. 

The large population has led to a food shortage. Even at very young age, the monkeys have to learn to “demand” food from tourists.

Sometimes, they have to rely on grass for food. To my surprise, they actually prefer the grass roots rather than the leaves.

Once dinner time is over, they walk to the reservoir for a drink. 

What a happy life!


Bob Bushell said...

Their faces look so glum, but the babies are beautiful.

Petra Mafalda said...

Onn so cute all that sequence photos! But I still like the closer photos of the monkeys... so cute! congrats dear for the bests

Chris said...

Wow these babies are so cute... Funny to see where you can find them... Beautiful collection!

shammera said...

Are these monkeys affraid of human?