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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Local Birds

  Some of the migrating birds may be prettier and more colourful, but the local birds always make it up by their personality. 

  The Common Tailorbird is a small bird (about 10cm) but its calls are much louder than you can imagine. 


It is often seen in the undergrowth looking for insects.


Because of its well camouflaged colours, the Common Tailorbird is usually heard rather than seen. 

  This tiny bird is famous for its ability to make nests by “sewing” tree leaves together, which earned the name “Tailor Bird”.  

 The shape of the Oriental Magpie Robin looks similar to the European Robin but smaller, and is also a well known singer.


  However, its singing ability makes it one of the most popular cagebirds in Asia. 

   The White-rumped Munia, on the other hand, is a  seed eater and a relative of the finch family.  

  They are sociable birds and often feed in groups.

The White-rumped Munia looks very similar to the Scaly-breasted Munia.

   These two species are often seen feeding together in grasslands near my home.