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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Early Arrivals----Black-winged Stilts

   The pleasant autumn brings not only the cool and comfortable weather but also the annual bird visitors to Hong Kong.  

    Although at the moment most of the migratory birds from Northern China are still on their way to the South, some early starters have already arrived in Hong Kong. The Black-winged Stilt is among the early arrivals. A couple of days ago, I saw several Black-winged Stilts enjoying a quiet and peaceful lunch.

   The long orange-red legs and a straight and thin black bill make them very easy to identify.  

  The feather of the young Black-winged Stilts are mainly grey coloured. 

  The Black-Winged Stilts usually breed in West and Central China and spend winter in the South, including Hong Kong. They feed mainly on aquatic insects. Instead of swimming, the prefer to walk around in shallow water,

and catch prey on the surface.

Occasionally, they plunge their heads below the surface to catch prey in the water.  



Wunderschöne Fotoserie mit perfrekten Spiegelungen, sehr schön...

Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz


Nette Cecilia said...

Lovley pictures of the birds,Nette

siga said...

Nice reflecting images! Make me wonder, how peacefully and silently the bird was walking around in the water. I love this post a lot!

Ines said...

How long did you need to take these great pictures?

Chris said...

What an excellent set of pictures. I used to see them a lot in France, but since I live in ICeland I seldom see them anymore! What a pity, I do not even have nice pictures of them. Yours are splendid! Well done!

John Holmes said...

Nice BW Stilt shots ! - Long Valley ?

Giga said...

Po prostu wspaniałe, znowu ptaki i sposób zdobywania jedzenia. Ogląda się to jak na filmie.Pozdrawiam

Kirsti said...

Kauniita heijastus kuvia.