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Sunday, 24 April 2011

An unfortunate event---nesting Red Whiskered Bulbuls

The female Red Whiskered Bulbul had spent the past 2 weeks incubating her eggs.

Then one day I saw the male bird came back with a small insect in his mouth.  I realized that the little chicks must have been hatched. 

Because the female still spent most of her time in the nest, everytime the male came back with food, he would stop and call first.

The female would then come out of the nest and let the male feed the chicks. 

The female herself would sometimes try to find food in the garden while the male was in the nest, but she never left the nest for more than a few minutes.

I decided to leave them alone until the chicks grew older to take more photos.

But then tragedy struck.  After a thunderstorm, I noticed that the nest looked different and empty. 

Then I found a cat and a dead chick on the ground. But the parents did not realize what had happened to the chicks. They looked very puzzled when they brought food back and couldn’t find the chicks. 

They continued to bring back food for two more days before giving up.

  These two birds seem to be a pair of inexperienced parents. I guess the nest wasn’t built very sturdily and it collapsed during the thunderstorm which led to the chicks falling off the tree. The cat, on the other hand, might have got a free meal. In fact, these two birds already lost all of their chicks two years ago (documented in a previous blog).

    Talking about tough birds, this pair didn’t waste anytime feeling sorry for themselves. Instead, they started building a new nest in the same tree as soon as they realized that the chicks were not coming back. Hopefully, they have learned from their mistakes and will build a strong nest this time round.


Unknown said...

Interesting post although inevitably a bit sad and great photography.

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

Yes, a very interesting story providing insight to the trials of raising a family in the bird world. They are a very pretty bird.

Mike Barth said...

Ironically I read this just shortly after (hoepfully) saving a young Sparrow chick from a cat's mouth. I have put a small box in a tree , the parents know where the chick is and do seem to be coming to feed it. Fingers crossed !

Chris said...

That's a bit of a tragedy but that's also life I guess we can say that!! Beautiful post and unfortunate nature story... Beautiful pictures too!

Roy said...

A very sad story.

Pete Woodruff said...

A pretty good illustrated tale with a tragic ending....raw nature.