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Thursday, 23 September 2010

A Barn Swallow family (3)

   The little swallows became much quieter while they were getting bigger everyday. By now, just over a week after I first saw them, they only “screamed” when they heard their parents coming back (rather than the constant screaming of the first week).  They looked more and more like adult swallows and very cute too.

Now the biggest nestling was often seen flashing its wings. I guess it was getting ready to take its first flight.

One of them was much smaller than its siblings (Below on the left).

This was the last time I saw four of them together, 10 days after I first saw them. The nest seemed too crowded for them.

The following day, there was only one left in the nest. I guess the 3 bigger siblings must have flown away leaving the youngest behind.
However, the parents still came back regularly to feed it. But the little thing looked so frightened being alone, so I did not stay for long to take more photos. Next day, the nest was empty. I guess it must have flown away to join its brothers and sisters.  

In the following days, when I went out for walks in the evening, I noticed several young swallows flying around my neighbourhood catching insects. I wonder if they were the same family.  I wish them all the best and a safe journey back home somewhere in South Asia.   Hopefully I will see them again next year.

 These were the last few feeding photos before the little ones flew away. I am missing them already!


Phil Slade said...

Lovely photos and you can be sure they will be back next year, same place, same time.

Jenny said...

Great photos of this Swallow family! Most of our Swallows are already on their way to Africa.

Zane said...

Excellent series on the swallows and other birds. Apologies I have been a bit slow to respond. Will add your link to my blog shortly.

Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok said...

Wow very nice feeding shots! I find it hard to get a decent shot like that since the parents only stop for few seconds. I bet the chicks have already left the nest by now.