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Thursday, 12 August 2010

My neighbours---a pair of nesting Red-Whiskered Bulbuls (1)

Like me, Red-Whiskered Bulbuls are Hong Kong residence. When you visit Hong Kong, you will definitely come across Red-whiskered Bulbuls. Even if you don't see them on streets, you will see their pictures on postal stamps. Like the high rise buildings, this bird is a symbol of Hong Kong.

The Red-whiskered Bulbul belongs to the Bulbul family and is a fruit eating resident in tropical areas of Asia.  They also feed on nectar and insects.

The distinctive crest and the red-vent and whiskers make them easy to identify. The Red-whiskered Bulbul is about 20cm ( 7.9in) in length. They often perch on trees making loud calls. So it is not easy to miss this lovely bird.  
I have been lucky to have a pair of Red-whiskered Bulbul’s living in my garden in the last couple of years. These birds are very territorial especially during breeding season. Recently I was fortunate to have witnessed two Red-whiskered Bulbuls nesting in my garden.

This is the female on the right and the male on the left. One day, they decided to build a nest.
First, they "discussed" a possible location---a pine tree.

Then they spotted a huge spider web and decided to use it as building material. Before I could set the camera up, the spider web was tore apart.

Then the two birds started a vicious attack on the spider web,

The sticky spiderweb was then used as glue to stablize the fundation of the nest.

Within minutes, the spiderweb was gone.

Once the foundation was secure, the male bird started working on the nest, under the supervision of his partner. 

Within a couple of days, a beautiful nest was completed.



Sam and Lisa said...

This looks like your first post and it is outstanding. I am looking forward to your future posts. My apologies if I am repeating myself as the first comment didn't seem to be accepted.

Friend of HK said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement, Sam and Lisa. I will certainly try my best not to disappoint you!

JRandSue said...

I agree with Sam,can't wait for your next post.
Fantastic photography,well done.

FAB said...

Thanks for sharing the life of your Bulbils with us. Will be keeping an eye on you. FAB.